“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy." Matthew 5:7



We dream of a day when poverty and injustice will disappear from Africa. Because we believe this is part of what Christ has come to fulfill in the world, we have decided to start in Congo and with children and their families. Our vision is to see children and their families praising God for the gift of life and the blessing of receiving help from merciful people so they may develop a culture of mercy in building their community and its future.



Hand of Mercy exists to combat poverty by providing relief and empowerment to children and their families especially those victims of armed conflict in the Democratic of Congo to create conditions for self-sustenance and praise to God.



We value all human beings as created by God for his glory. It is through humanity that Christ saved us.The greatest gift God gave to Christians is a restored humanity, inhabited by Christ.  It is impossible to be Christian and fail to care for the suffering humanity.

We believe that the Gospel of Christ involves victory over poverty by means of human community coming together to help each other.

We value mercy toward others who need help as an evidence of Christian conversion experience

We value true love that cares for others regardless of their natural and environmental conditions.

We believe that a merciful hand will never lack something to give to his neighbor for God will always provide a hand of mercy.



The need of funding education in Congo is simply overwhelming as a result of prolonged armed conflict and governance issues. Our goal is to provide financial support to both parents to ensure continued education for children (primary and secondary) and provide financial support to some schools to help with aging infrastructure or lack thereof.


In a country recovering from a prolonged armed conflict, women and their children are the most affected by violence and the resulting poverty and trauma. We intend to empower women by educating them, raising their awareness about their role in the rebuilding of their families and the nation, teaching them job skills, and proving them with micro-finance to make them productive.


Only healthy people are fully capable of making good choices and thus participate in the fight against their own conditions of poverty. We intend to build small clinics where families can receive basic healthcare and provide medical assistance in terms of funding pharmaceutical needs and healthcare equipment to existing and viable healthcare institutions. Good healthcare start with clean water. We shall help dig wells.


The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has made countless victims. Many families have been displaced, many orphans, many people left with disabilities, and thrauma. We intend to provide counseling that would help some of these victims cope with their thrauma and the challenge of rebuilding their lives.

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